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Bundled Products
PFPX + TOPCAT Bundle - Download Edition
(Item# PFPX+TOPCAT-DOWNLOAD, for non-commercial use)
EUR 55,45
excl. EU VAT

PFPX - Professional Flight Planner X
PFPX- Download Edition
(Item# PFPX-DOWNLOAD, for non-commercial use)
EUR 41,62
excl. EU VAT

PFPX - Server subscription coupon
EUR 12,42
excl. EU VAT

TOPCAT - Take-Off & Landing Performance Calculation Tool
TOPCAT- Download Edition
(Item# TOPCAT-DOWNLOAD, for non-commercial use)
EUR 17,99
excl. EU VAT

TOPCAT- Commercial Edition (Box)
(Item# TOPCAT-COMMERCIAL, for commercial use)
EUR 199,99
incl. shipping, excl. EU VAT

TOPCAT- Virtual Airline Edition
on request

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